What is reiki?

Red Rose Buddha ll by LJBReiki translated means ‘universal life force’ or ‘energy’(rei = universal, ki = energy). Believed to have been used by Buddhists in Tibet, Reiki was established in Japan in the late 1800’s by Mikao Usui. Reiki is a form of ‘hands on healing’ where energy flows through a practitioner after receiving a series of “attunements”. This attunement process passed from teacher to student is what distinguishes Reiki from other therapies. A reiki treatment can help to alleviate ill health and stress and aid restoring peace and harmony within. Reiki is taught and be accepted by anyone of any faith and helps the individual by supporting them in their own healing process, often with profound results.

What happens in a reiki treatment?

Reiki energy is channelled through the practitioner’s hands to specific points or areas on a person or to where healing is needed. It is a ‘clothes on’ treatment usually received lying down on a couch but can also be received sitting down in a chair for people with mobility issues. Some people experience a deep sense of calm, inner peace and relaxation with the treatment, some people experience heat changes, tingling sensations, see colours or feel energy shifting and others experience just calm. However, reiki goes where it is most needed and benefits both practitioner and receiver, even when no strong sensations are felt.

How many sessions will I need?

A regular reiki session helps to maintain a sense of well-being and re-balances the body and mind and helps alleviate stress. Some clients come with a specific problem or issue that they need help with and having regular reiki sessions can help to resolve them. Each individual is different but you can discuss your needs in the initial appointment and work out what suits you and how many treatments you need.


Reiki drumming was developed in America by Michael Arthur Baird, a Reiki Master/Teacher and was brought to the UK by Sarah Gregg, also a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2007 who studied with Michael in Arizona.

The Reiki Drum Technique uses both the power of sound healing from an attuned drum with reiki healing. This can be used to enhance recovery on many levels and for emotional and mental re-programming to create healthier belief patterns. It is also used for shamanic journey work to connect with your spirit guides and animal totems and to seek answers to current issues presenting in one’s life. Number of treatments depends upon individual needs and is discussed at the initial consultation.


'Rahanni Rose' By LJB © Rahanni is another form of ‘hands-on’ healing but focuses upon working with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and personal guides to aid peace and healing in mind, body and heart. It helps release what is no longer serving our highest good, guiding us back to a place of self-acceptance and love for ourselves and others. It is a good treatment for working with personal issues affecting one’s health and soul growth. It is also an ideal treatment for both children and animals.


Reiki x 1h £40
Reiki Drum Technique x 1hr. 15 £45
Reiki, Chakra Balance & Aura Sprays x 1hr. 30 £50
Rahanni Celestial Healing x 1hr £40
Children x 1hr £35
Gift Voucher for Reiki x 1hr £40

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