Conscious Embodiment Through Movement, Expression, Spirit & Dance

7th Ray Dance © was created to provide a teaching structure for using conscious movement and dance to integrate and heal mind, body and soul. Dance is a part of our culture and has been used for centuries as part of our rituals, ceremonies and celebrations. We recognize some primal part of ourselves when we allow ourselves to dance, like being outside by a fire at night or when we are in nature. Dance is in our blood and can be used to bring us back to living more consciously in our bodies with authenticity and self-awareness.

Lisa Bridge has developed her teaching method over 25 years of experience working in the area of holistic health. She studied and trained in Ireland in 2000 with Lani O’Hanlon and Antoinette Spillane following an interest in using dance and movement in healing her own ill health. She qualified as a teacher of ‘Dancing The Rainbow’ in 2002, a movement and dance practice based upon using the chakras to explore and dance and creativity. She has run workshops and classes in therapeutic dance for 17 years and brings to her teaching her skills and experience in meditation, alternative therapies, art, creative expression, healing and shamanic practice.

Her passion is to encourage others to experience fun, freedom and connection through conscious movement and dance to benefit physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of health.

What to expect?

All sessions encourage learning in a safe environment. In creating a sacred space, we provide a place to support both the individual and group in a way that encourages respect for ourselves and each other. Sessions are designed to provide opportunities for discovering and deepening a connection to one’s own innate ability to move and express. Teaching also includes learning tools for relaxation, meditation, working with the conscious breath and energy, sound, colour, imagery, the spoken word, creative discovery, creative journaling and relating to others. Structure of learning is broken down by focusing on working in different areas of the body with the aim of healing through integration. The music we play is designed to aid accessing the areas of the body being focused upon and is varied and global. Learning about the body’s energy centres and how these may relate to the archetypes and elements for healing and deeper journey is covered in more depth on the course ‘Rainbow Shamen – Path Of Healing Through Dance’. (see below).

How will I benefit?

*Discover your own creative potential * Deepen your connections within yourself and others *Discover fun!!! *Learn meditation *Improve levels of fitness *Improve flexibility *Improve energy *Reduce levels of stress and physical discomfort *Expand awareness *Heal body trauma *Increase self-awareness & spiritual growth *Feed your soul *Improve self-confidence *Develop more acceptance of self & others *Improve communication skills *Develop more trust *Find your direction in life *Feel more relaxed and ‘at home’ in your body *Develop happiness *Connect more consciously with the environment and earth *Harmonise physical embodiment

Children’s Dance & Movement

Encouraging awareness through movement, dance and relaxation benefits children of all ages and ability. Classes combine fun with exercise whilst creating a safe environment for children to explore self-expression whilst promoting confidence and physical awareness within themselves and their environment. Lisa is now offering Mindful Movement, Meditation and Dance after-school clubs and sessions to schools keen to encourage their students to explore opportunities for exercise and relaxation. Lisa holds a current DBS check.

Future Courses and Training

Beginner’s workshops and introductory events will run again from Spring 2018. A more in depth course will then follow for those interested in developing their level of learning and experience and will stand as a pre-requisite for those interested in training. The main focus of the 1st year course will be upon learning to embodying your truth through using dance and expression as a spiritual practice and a means to developmental process. The course ‘Rainbow Shamen – Path Of Healing Through Dance’ will run over x 6 weekends starting in Autumn 2019. (Dates and venue TBC). A second year for teacher training will run in the future.

Some experience in therapeutic process, spiritual growth and recovery is recommended for attendance but acceptance onto the course will be based upon written application and commitment to one’s own therapeutic process. Please email with interest, your experience and why you would like to do the course and if you wish to be kept informed of updated information on our dance events. Email : seventhrayarts@live.co.uk

Tutoring on a one-to-one basis and tailored workshops for businesses, festivals, groups and retreats are available. Please call 079000 65509 or email with your enquiry.

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Please register your interest via email and if you wish to be kept informed of all events. Click here: seventhrayarts@live.co.uk